Get Your House In Order

I have always had an issue with keeping my space tidy. I was like it as a teen age, my poor mum. And I have taken it into my adult life thinking that I am a creative and we have untidy spaces. Now it’s not unclean. It’s just stuff everywhere!


I recently saw a post by a friend that said that a book changed her life!! I have a habit of paying attention when a friend gets excited about a book that changed their life. I want to know more about what is in it and why it had such an effect on my friend. This friend I once lived with in my early 20’s and to hear her get so excited about a book surprized me and I needed to know more.

Once I read this book my mind was also blown. For all these years I have over complicated tidying. And I too got excited and learned so much from this book

But the book didn’t just teach me about how to keep everything I had tidy, it also taught me how to let go of the things that I was keeping and why I was keeping them.

The book was the life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. Marie makes many references to the fact that she is Japanese and I just loved the way she has combined Japanese culture of being mindful, introspective and optimistic into how she relates to all her belongings.

It teaches respect for your belongings, having less but making sure that all you have gives you joy. After reading this book I immediately started to follow the ideas that I learned in the book. To work on categories of clutter, not rooms. This alone was ground breaking. Instead of cleaning up my wardrobes I focused on finding every piece of clothing that I owned and taking my time to really think about each piece and if it bought me joy. Now when I first read this I thought it was a bit over the top but I kept an open mind and followed along and before too long I was hooked. My clothing is now organised and easy to find. I am not hanging on to those jeans because I really want to fit back into them one day. Or those pants that I paid way too much for that I have never worn. I learned an entire new way to fold clothing that helps to reduce the wrinkles. And I found a wonderful use for all those pretty boxes that I had been hording all these years that were to pretty to throw out. It taught me not to downgrade my clothes to sleepwear. If they were not nice enough to wear to the shops, then out they went. It gave me a great excuse to find some lovely sleep apparel that I now love and I feel great wearing.

I am now going through other categories. Slowly my home is becoming clutter free and I am feeling wonderful about giving up what doesn’t bring me joy. I am keeping memories that I love, but I am finding that by uncluttering my house, I am also freeing myself of attachment to times gone by and making room for new things to come my way.

Once you learn to keep things depending on if they bring you joy, suddenly it is so much easier to make decisions about other areas of my life. Things like which projects to pursue, what to say no to, what to make for dinner. It has also made me think more about what I bring into our home. What will its place be and will it bring me joy or is it just a short-term thing to make me feel good today.

I have always found it hard to part with gifts from others, or mementos from my past. This book helped me purge. It helped me discard things that I had been holding on to for years but keeping the things that really made me happy. After reading the book it was like having a light globe go off in my head. Some of the take away from the book were:

  • Discard first. Then store.
  • If you tidy a little each day you will by tidying forever – make it a special event, do the job right once and then keep it up.
  • Storage just organised clutter. Find a place for it or discard it.
  • Store by category not location. clothes, books, papers, miscellany, and then things with sentimental value.
  • Learn how to fold

If you are sick of being surrounded by clutter, then this is a must read book. it was a huge surprise that needed an open mind and the have a go attitude.

I use to thing that having a place for every little thing that I owned sounded too difficult. But what I am now learning is that if you have a place for everything, then it is easy to put things away and it is easy to find them again when you next need to use them.

I am still working on discarding some categories and believe it will take a few more months to get our home fully worked over, but it is getting there and I have come to love my dates with clutter. I look forward to tackling a category and I am much happier in the spaces that I have already tackled.

Check out the Pinterest board for some inspiration from this video. The link is in the info on this videos page.


The interesting thing is that my husband who hasn’t read the book has started following my lead. He has seen how the house is slowly morphing into an organised wonderful space and he has started to do exactly the same thing. Now interestingly one of the videos I watched about this had someone ask what to do about others around you that are a mess. The advice was you can only control your space, but if you do others around will follow. I was very surprised when my hubby just started go clear out his closet!! I have so much more space now and can display the things that I love. Can’t recommend this one highly enough. It was a massive change in thinking and habit that is still a work in progress but every step closer is making me more and more happy.

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